Meet Our Team


The Investments Manager

The Investments Manager is Silvermark Development LLC. 


Gregory S. Owen

Mr. Owen is the CEO of the Investments Manager. He has over a thirty-year track record of entrepreneurial success in real estate development, construction and sales. The Investments Manager and other current business ventures function under an umbrella company, Silvermark Enterprises, LLC. These firms provide a myriad of construction and development related services, including: HVAC, plumbing, electrical, architectural sheet metal and real estate brokerage. Mr. Owen is a co-founder of Community Business Bank of Sacramento. He has operated a similar portfolio of companies over the past 30 years. In two such businesses Mr. Owen successfully sold his ownership after building the sales volumes. He has focused his skills on the acquisition and refurbishment of foreclosed properties as a primary line of business. Over the past ten years Mr. Owen has overseen the acquisition, renovation and resale of over $2 billion of foreclosed residential properties across the country. He currently holds California contractor's licenses for (i) general building, (ii) warm-air heating, ventilation and air conditioning, (iii) plumbing, and (iv) sheet metal. Mr. Owen also holds a California real estate license.



Ceo, SilveRmark development llc


The Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is Global Investment Management LLC.


Kevin Fitzgerald

Mr. Fitzgerald is the CEO of the Operations Manager. He has a thirty-five year successful track record of raising capital and partnership management for investment real estate. He currently is the CEO of Global Capital Advisors LLC (“GCA”). GCA is licensed to sponsor real estate investments that qualify investors for the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Mr. Fitzgerald is a founding principal of Triumph Wine Group, a Napa Valley winery. In 2010 he and Mr. Owen formed two funds aggregating $10 million that engaged for four years in the acquisition, renovation and resale of homes purchased at foreclosure auctions throughout Northern California. Over the past several decades Mr. Fitzgerald has overseen the acquisition and management of $2.5 billion of multi-family and commercial properties. He holds leadership positions with the Boy Scouts of America. Mr. Fitzgerald served in the U.S. Marine Corps.




Ceo, global investment management llc
Founding Principal